Lizbeth Ortiz

307243_132307153536262_649128851_nLizbeth Ortiz graduated from HSPVA/Houston and attended Pratt Institute/NYC.

She has developed a singular style by utilizing recycled materials, various modeling pastes and gels into all of her art. “I love texture; I feel it is the perfect exclamation mark to create emotions, colors and memories.” Her work is both delicate in execution and strong in visual impact.

“Through my work I share my passion and compassion for my familial culture and traditions. It is also through these two symbols, the skull and heart that I look for solace and understanding of the world that surrounds me.”

“I witnessed the 9/11 terrorist attacks in NYC. I turned to my roots and created my first public ‘Dia de Los Muertos Altar”. This became a part of my show in New York City, October 2001.

“I believe the anatomically correct heart I use in my art is a universal symbol. Inspired by my Catholic roots, it is the sacred heart transcending economic, social and racial barriers. I strive to inspire my community through my canvas and brush.”

Biographical information
Born in Mexico City, raised in Houston, and thrust into adulthood in New York City certainly have influenced her work.

In 2005 along with a community of inspired artists, Lizbeth Ortiz organized the first Frida Festival in Houston.

In 2008 she was honored as the official artist for the Latin Grammy, celebrated in Houston.

In June 2011 she received the 2nd place award in the Bohemia Beer – “The Kahlo Challenge”.

Currently she lives in Houston where “I follow my creative heart, making art and I am the curator of the East End Studio Gallery.

The Houston Institute for Culture East End Studio Gallery is a community based non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a platform for artistic expression and exhibition of community works in all media

East End Studio Gallery
708 Telephone Rd. Ste. C
Houston, TX 77023

Hardy & Nance Studios #13
902 Hardy Street
Houston, TX 77020


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