Maria Lopez

Picture 850Maria De Los Angeles Alcantar-Lopez, is a local artist from the Bay Area Peninsula. She started her talent out of her home town at East Palo Alto when she was in High School. She was born in Mexico and came with very traditional roots and customs. Maria is not only an artist of various Medias, she has also coordinated/directed various community multicultural events in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, and continues to Coordinate a yearly Dia De Los Muertos Event in local various cities. Today Maria also Exhibits her art in various Peninsula Bay Area galleries and works with a network of local artists. She works full time as an Administrative Associate to two Regional directors of Development for the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.
Maria began to seek her roots and cultural arts in Mexico as she grew up in the Bay Area. In 2007, she discovered the Aztec tradition of Dia De Los Muertos and fell in love with the arts and cultural meanings. Maria came from a big family of eleven siblings, her parents had eight girls and three boys. She uses her sister and nieces as models for her shows and art body paintings. Maria enjoys learning as she is taking Art History classes, and she enjoys spending family time with her two daughters and her immediate family. She enjoys painting when she can, and loves working on art projects with her girls. Her husband Mike, enjoys attending her shows and is the DJ at her events. Maria’s goals is to one day work in an Art Museum, and grow as an artist and hopefully one day curate her own gallery with all her fellow local artists work.


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