Marylucille Nuñez

pic_meMarylucille Nuñez is self-taught, Chicana artist. My art is an expression of my culture, influenced by stone,color and flower. My journey on this road began as far back as I could remember, Precolumbian arte and design has been a very soulful powerful guiding wind in my life. As a little girl my first awareness of this ancestral past was a two foot circular sun calendar ceramic stone that hung in my little barrio store in Cucamonga. I didn’t know what it all meant, but I knew that is was beautiful and was intrigued by the details and images in it. Interest in the Maya culture communicating these concepts of thoughts in the language of creative simple images of stone glyphs, of flowers, I learned of growing seeds of ideas, knowledge planted learned and rooted from nature. Thoughts of harmony of spiritual sacredness arrived belief appreciative of life energy sources connected to the heart, physical body and soul of living beings stages of life transforming into the spirit, metamorphosis of a life cycle, a magical cycle into the beauty of a natural order,  a harmony of the physical into a spiritual, a basic idea of a hummingbird that is mythologically the sun in disguise, Lord Huitzilopochtli. My arte  is a reintroducing of already existing ancient concepts and understanding of picture-windows in their depth of meanings and origins, from the past into the present, like the cosmic dust, a cosmic ray and a sacred cosmic string.


Marylucille Nuñez…/Mary-Lucille-NuñezDelira/219690188070578



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